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Mercury analysis manual which is made by Ministry of the Environment in 2004. PDF

Results for the health effects of Mercury and Taiji-cho Residents National Institute for Minamata Disease (Background) An investigation into the Methyl Mercury concentration levels in hair samples was performed at the request of Taiji-cho, Higashimuro-Gun, Wakayama. (Subject of Investigation and Method) Inquiry to the consumption of methyl mercury Of the Taiji residents (population 3,536; 1,600 […]

Image via Wikipedia Excessive ingestion of mercury—a health hazard associated with consuming predatory fishes—damages neurological, sensory-motor and cardiovascular functioning. The mercury levels found in Bigeye Tuna (Thunnus obesus) and bluefin tuna species (Thunnus maccoyii, Thunnus orientalis, and Thunnus thynnus), exceed or approach levels permissible by Canada, the European Union, Japan, the US, and the World […]

A 2009 Research Review by Dr. Sandra Altherr of ProWildlife and Sigrid Lüber of OceanCare

The Chief Medical Officer and Chief Physician of Denmark’s Faroe Islands officially request a total ban on the human consumption of pilot whales due to their mercury and PCB toxicity.

有害政策 汚染されたクジラ・イルカ由来食品の販売を禁止しない日本 2008 要旨 この10年の間に、日本で販売されている鯨類(クジラ、イルカ)由来食品の有毒化学物質の汚染濃度に関しては、専門家による独立評価が数多く行なわれてきた。専門家仲間による査読を受けた複数の科学論文によって、イルカ肉が政府の暫定的規制値の数百倍という濃度の水銀に汚染されていることが明らかにされている。 完全なレポートは、ここにあります.

2007 Marine Pollution Bulletin report on mercury contaminated cetacean meat in South Korea

The Environmental Investigation Agency’s comprehensive research report on mercury toxic cetacean meat being harvested, processed and sold today in Japan.